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Treatment and Counselling

Imagine a home where a young person’s silent struggle overshadows every happy moment.

Families often feel adrift, not knowing where to turn or whom to ask for help.

The journey to understanding and support can seem like a maze.

That’s where CMHA branches come in.

We’re not just about services but about shaping those services to fit each family perfectly.

From understanding what’s going on with deep diagnoses, to holding family talks, to one-on-one time with a young person, and even giving pointers at home.

We also believe in equipping parents and guardians with knowledge.

So, we offer training sessions just for them.

With the right support and tools, families can move from shadows to sunshine, finding happiness and hope once more.

Spotlight: CMHA Thames Valley Addiction and Mental Health Services

Today’s youth face challenges that previous generations might not have encountered, and they need specialized support to navigate these challenges successfully. 

This program is designed to support young people struggling with substance use, gambling, gaming, internet and technology, shopping, overspending or pornography and sex. 

Young people are offered 1-on-1 and group counselling, workshops, psychoeducation, and a staged screening assessment to help inform treatment planning and next steps. 

The Power of Family in Recovery

Recovery is a journey, and every journey needs its compass. 

Our Family Group sessions empower families to become that guiding force, teaching them how to:

  • Celebrate the progress made
  • Face challenges head-on with understanding
  • Navigate the realm of addiction treatment confidently
  • The inclusion of family in the healing arc creates a nurturing environment—one that bolsters recovery, fosters growth, and bridges gaps.


Your Role in Their Story

Your support goes far beyond a singular contribution—it has a ripple effect.

It equips families, turning them into pillars of understanding and support.