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Mobile Mental Health Clinics

Getting mental health help as a young person can be hard, especially with the challenges and pressures they face daily.

That’s where Mobile Mental Health Clinics come in.

These clinics are conveniently set up close to Ontario high schools, ensuring students have easier access to the support they need.

Inside each clinic, there’s a friendly and understanding team ready to listen, provide guidance, and offer practical advice.

They come equipped with the right tools and a wealth of knowledge, all aimed at helping young people navigate their problems.

It’s a huge relief for many to know that if things ever get tough, there’s a supportive place nearby they can turn to.

With the presence of these clinics, young people in Ontario can take comfort in the fact that they don’t have to face their challenges alone; timely help is always within reach.”


Mobile Youth Walk-in York South Simcoe (MOBYSS)

CMHA York and South Simcoe Region

MOBYSS is the first mobile walk-in clinic in Ontario.  

For youth aged 12 to 25, MOBYSS is more than just a clinic; it’s an opportunity for access. 

Kids and teens can face enormous hurdles in accessing healthcare due to distance, stigma, or bureaucracy. 

So MOBYSS drives right to them. Our unique approach takes the clinic to where kids and teens are: malls, schools, or skate parks, breaking down walls that prevent them from seeking care.

Offering Comprehensive Care, On-the-Go

Every aspect of MOBYSS champions youth wellness:

  • It’s entirely free and confidential.
  • There is no health card needed.
  • With a dedicated team of a Nurse Practitioner, Youth Mental Health Worker, and Peer Support Specialist, every youth receives top-tier care.
  • Services span from primary health check-ups, life-saving suicide interventions, to vital education on topics like sexual health and addiction.

Rebecca Shields, CEO of CMHA York Region South Simcoe, proudly shared, “Our innovation with MOBYSS has inspired mental health agencies across the province, serving as the prototype for the launch of new mobile walk-in clinics providing kids and teens with more convenient and welcoming access to life-saving care.” 

Your Impact

Supporting MOBYSS brings crucial healthcare directly to more youth.

Stand with us in revamping youth healthcare. 

Every donation is a step towards a healthier, hopeful tomorrow for kids and teens. 

Donate now, and help make healthcare accessible for youth in need.